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Expanded Polystyrene Product Grades

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Product Overview

  • Cost effective Insulation for SIP's
  • Lightweight, Quick & easy to install
  • Can specify tight tolerances
  • Can be used in commercial or residential

SPI's insulated expanded polystyrene plasterboard offers a simple solution to significantly increasing the thermal performance of any building especialy exsisting builds. Internal wall insulation is increasingly popular now for buildings to easily stay within building regulations and increae efficency of the building. Stylite expanded polystyrene is a perfect material, from its hydroscopic properties to its ability to stay thermaly effective for the life of the build.

Stylite Plasterboard

Stylite Insulated Plasterboard
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Stylite Cavity Insulation (Full-Fill)

Stylite Full-Fill Cavity Insulation
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External Wall Insulation (Adhesive)

Stylitre EWI
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